Every time homecoming dance approaches, many girls get excited, because it is the perfect time to wear a homecoming dress that highlights all their beauty and potential, that's why they take it very seriously to find the ideal outfit for that occasion.

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There are many girls who really have no idea what is the dress code for attending a homecoming dance, if you are one of these girls don't despair, because this guide is made especially for you.

Many guys and girls do not know what to choose for this event.

The first thing to remember is that this is not a formal event, so you don't need to wear too complex and extremely flashy outfits, but, everything has a limit, because you shouldn't wear something that you would normally wear every day to school.

homecoming dress | ortdress.com

For example, if you are a boy attending this celebration, you don't need to wear a full suit, but good pants can be an important tool to achieve the right look, so stay away from those jeans you always wear.

For girls, it can be a little more complex to find the perfect outfit, especially without the right guide.

What should a homecoming dress look like?

The first thing you need to know in order to make the right decision about what you will wear for that special event is that you have to avoid some elements, since they don't really go with this kind of celebration.

So you should take into account what are those things you should avoid when choosing the ideal dress, here we have some special tips for you.

Choose soft and comfortable fabrics

Remember that this is a dance, so you will surely be in constant movement, so fabrics too thick and not very flexible could be quite uncomfortable, not to mention that it could produce too much heat during the event.


It is better to wear something cool and that allows you to have total freedom of movement.

The right colors

Although this is not a very strict code, there is a tendency in the homecoming dress to wear some light colors during the event, but it would be good to avoid white, as it could stain quickly. The best color for your dress will be the one that you like the most and makes your skin stand out.


Avoid long dresses

This is not a celebration that involves a formal style, so long dresses are not a wise choice, in fact short dresses predominate in this event, and there are some stores like Ortdress that offer very beautiful and varied options.


Adjust the trends to your choices

Going by trends can be a good idea most of the time, however, you should take into account your preferences as well as your body type, as there are styles that are meant for a specific group.


So what you can do is take certain elements that are in fashion, such as fabric, color, designs, and adjust them to a homecoming dress that is ideal for your body type and also fits your personal style.


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